Learn best practices for maintaining your vinyl floors today. 

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Daily Vinyl Care

Waterproof vinyl floors are low-maintenance, which makes them an attractive option for homeowners. With that said, some basic care is required to ensure that your LVT, LVP, or sheet vinyl floors age well as time passes. Learn basic vinyl maintenance techniques for your floors below. 

Like most other hard surface flooring options, vinyl floors need to be swept on a regular basis to look their best. Sweeping is important as dirt, dust, and other debris that is brought in from the outdoors can damage your vinyl floors if left unattended. How often you sweep your vinyl floors will depend on the traffic they receive, but generally speaking, you should be sweeping every couple of days. 

Wet, or damp, mopping will also keep your vinyl floors clean and nice. 

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With vinyl floors, liquid spills are nothing to panic about. When and if a mess occurs, simply grab a cloth and wipe up the mess in a timely manner. 

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Use a broom and dustpan to sweep up any dry messes that are present. How often you sweep will depend on the dirt tracked in from the outside or the number of messes made on your vinyl floors. 

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We recommend damp mopping your vinyl floors periodically to ensure they look great as the years pass. Be wary of not using too much water though, as that could damage your vinyl. Aim for damp, not wet, when mopping. 

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Floor Cleaning

When it comes to floor cleaning services, Ronnie's Carpet and Flooring has your back. We offer a wide range of floor cleaning supplies, services, and resources so that you can ensure that your floors age well over time and consistently look their best.

No matter the flooring material and the number of years it has been installed, Ronnie's can help. Learn more about floor cleaning services or browse maintenance guides today.