Tile Installation In Lakeland, FL

Learn what to expect before, during, and after your tile installation. 

Couple moving furniture | Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring

Before Tile Installation

Here is what to expect before your tile installation:

  • Have a plan for your existing floors. Who is removing them? Do they need to be removed?
  • Remove furniture or have a plan in place for someone to remove it for you. You are responsible for moving any fragile items or furniture from your home.
  • Measure door clearances. This is to ensure the door does not get caught on the tile flooring.
  • Ensure children and pets are not present on installation day.
  • Complete any painting work.
  • Ask any last-minute questions!

During Tile Installation

Here's what to expect during your tile installation:

  • The subflooring will need to be prepared. For tile, this may require more work than other flooring materials. Tile needs rigid floors, and a cement backer may sometimes need to be used.
  • The crew will determine the layout. Then, thinset mortar will be spread, and the tiles will be placed on top. Spacers are used between tiles so that they are evenly placed. The grout will be completed the next day. 
  • The tile will be cleaned as will the remainder of the job site. 
  • We will complete a QA and walk through with you. 
Tile installation | Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring
Kids laying on tile floor | Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring

After Tile Installation

  • Run a fan to remove any installation-related smells.
  • Allow 24 hours to settle before walking on your tile floors.
  • Stay in touch with our team for maintenance tips and overall assistance in caring for your floors.
  • Enjoy your new tile floors!