Area Rugs In Lakeland, FL

Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring offers custom and premade area rugs. 

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If you're ready to get the ball rolling on your next major flooring project, then an in-home estimate is a great place to start.

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Let us bring the flooring samples to you! Shop our store from the comfort of your home. Schedule your shop-at-home flooring experience today. 

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Why Choose Area Rugs?

Area rugs are an excellent alternative to other more expensive flooring materials. 

Area rugs offer many of the same benefits as carpets in that they are soft, luxurious, add warmth, and are stylish and attractive. They are also much more affordable than carpet flooring or other flooring materials. 

Area rugs are easy to care for and are quite durable for the price point. By vacuuming your rug and ensuring that it doesn't take on sun damage, your area rug will last for an extended period and prove a solid investment for your home. 

Area rugs can breathe new life into any room in the home! At Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring, we offer premade and custom area rugs. 

We Offer The Best Area Rugs Brands

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Area Rugs Care & Maintenance

Area rugs require basic care & maintenance to continue to look great and perform well as time passes. Learn more about recommended care guidelines for your rugs flooring.

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Area Rug Pads

Area rug pads offer additional cushioning underneath your rug while also preventing sliding, bunching, and overall movement from occurring. Learn more about what area rug pads are and their benefits today.

Area Rugs Inspiration

Browse our area rug inspiration gallery to see the newest and hottest trends in rugs. 

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Area rug | Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring
Area rug in modern living room | Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring
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No matter the material or the mess, the team at Ronnie's Carpets & Flooring is ready, willing, and able to provide your flooring with the deep cleaning necessary to bring it back to its original look and feel. 

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Carpet binding is a process wherein old carpet remnants are bound along the edges to create beautiful area rugs, runners, and entry mats for your home. We can help you create the perfect area rug for your home. Contact us to learn more about carpet binding services today.

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Ronnie's is proud to offer an excellent selection of both custom and premade area rugs for your home. Browse our selection of ornate and functional area rugs or have your own made by our talented team.