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Why Choose Cork?

Cork is a great flooring choice for many homeowners because it is stylish and sustainable. Not only will cork create a welcoming space aesthetically, but it is comfortable underfoot thanks to its cushioned surface. This also provides additional insulation, which can save on energy costs, and reduces noise in your home. Unlike hardwood trees, which take decades to mature, cork can be harvested from trees without damaging the tree itself, making this a renewable resource. Cork flooring is also incredibly durable and able to resist cracking, abrasions, and liquid. Since cork flooring bounces back, indentations caused by furniture will not be permanent. When properly cared for, cork flooring can last for decades.

Cork will enhance the look and feel of your home, no matter your personal style.

The Types Of Cork

The type of cork flooring you choose is ultimately up to your style and personal preference. There are two main types: click and lock floating planks and glue down tiles.

Click and lock plank cork floors are best for a DIY enthusiast or the budget-conscious who want to save on installation. They can also be installed over certain flooring types.

Glue down tiles are better when creating a patterned focal point in your room. It's also best to leave this installation method to the professionals.

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